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Products and Professional Services designed to deliver the best WiFi solutions for your needs. Fon Solutions empowers you to deploy, configure, operate and monetize WiFi networks.


Managed Service Provider Solution

Designed to meet the needs of WiFi internet service

providers and integrators


WiFi Service Management Solution

Designed to suit the needs of telecommunication operators, including mobile, virtual mobile, fixed, and convergent operators



Enhanced Connectivity Solution

Deliver an always-best-connected experience for your customers
by providing seamless connectivity to the best available network

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Benefits of deploying Fon technology

Scalable platform

Easy to manage

Multiple ways to engage with the end user

Full integration with pre-existing systems and network infrastructure (fixed or cellular)

Fully integrated monetization tools

Enables different use cases from one central system

Hardware agnostic

Cloud based (on premises also supported)

Secure and fully legal intercept ready

Reuses existing CPE infrastructure

Unlock new business potential


Our solutions are designed to unlock multiple use cases for you to deliver a multitude of WiFi-based services to your customers. These use cases become an unmatched tool around which profitable business models can be built, both for business and residential segments:

Ensuring a win-win scenario


With over 10 years of deployment experience with top service providers worldwide, we guarantee that delivering WiFi-based services to your customers will result in:

New sources of revenue (direct and upsell)

Reduced churn

Major cost savings

Improved brand awareness

Operational efficiency

Always-best-connected experience for end users

Increased engagement

Fon’s valued clients


Our WiFi solutions suit the needs of the most demanding and innovative telcos, WISPs, and integrators across the globe. Today, 20 of the world’s leading telecommunication companies put their confidence in Fon. They know we deliver. Read our success stories here.

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