The world’s leading WiFi technology provider

With more than a decade of experience providing carrier-grade WiFi services around the world, our technology is used to manage more than 21 million hotspots across five continents.

About Fon Solutions

Fon has traditionally helped deploy residential WiFi networks for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). But in recent years, the carrier WiFi market has become very dynamic. In the face of booming mobile data traffic, skyrocketing demand for connectivity, and the changing nature of mobile networks, we wanted to use our expertise and unique technology to enable our clients to build and manage their very own WiFi networks, and offer value-added, WiFi-based services. So we created an independent business unit, Fon Solutions.


Fon Solutions was born to enable Service Providers to deliver “carrier-grade” WiFi services. We want to help all types of operator (convergent, fixed, cellular, and virtual) as well as any organization that wants to offer or manage WiFi services (WISPs, enterprises, and system integrators) to bring the ultimate WiFi experience to life.


The global technology provider

We provide technology and services for the management of WiFi networks, without the need for in-house developments or long and expensive deployment and integration projects. Our technology and team of experts grant operators the power to configure, deliver and operate their own WiFi services in a secure, scalable way, as well as offer seamless connectivity to their customers. We also provide Integrators and Managed Service Providers with the tools they need to offer personalized and segmented WiFi services to any target audience.

Fon Solutions’ global clients include

They put their trust in us and chose to partner with Fon because

Our technology is reliable and scalable

We're vendor agnostic and avoid vendor lock-in

We offer a tailored solution (open API, professional services)

We offer lower implementation costs

Our use-case ready solutions open new revenue opportunties

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