Enhanced Connectivity Solution


Give your customers an always-best-connected experience

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Our industry-leading Enhanced Connectivity Solution (ECS) seamlessly connects your customers to WiFi, while also using intelligent network selection technology to ensure they are always connected to the best network available.


Seamless, curated connectivity is essential for an optimal end-user experience, as well as for operators looking to make the most of WiFi strategies such as WiFi Offload, WiFi On the Go, and WiFi Calling. Our ECS easily allows you to move traffic between WiFi and cellular networks and gives you a better understanding of your network’s performance from your customer’s standpoint.

What we provide




Connection Manager: seamlessly connect users to WiFi


The Connection Manager handles profile provisioning, network discovery, association to the network, and authentication requests. It consists of two components:

A mobile app (also available as a Software Development Kit, or SDK) that lets you:

  • Automatically connect users to WiFi, regardless of authentication technology (WISPr, EAP-SIM, EAP-TTLS, and PEAP)
  • Integrates with any iOS or Android app and is completely customizable
  • Pinpoint hotspots on a map

A Configuration and Policy Server that:

  • Provides the name and profile information about the networks to which the subscriber can connect

QoE Manager: connect users to the best network


This is an optional yet key component of our solution, that scans all available WiFi and cellular networks within range of the user’s device and selects the best network to connect to. The QoE Manager:

  • Scans all available WiFi and cellular networks within range, to assess their real-time measurements of radio parameters.
  • Scores the quality of each network as a simple, unique number, based on data from the real-time scan, as well as historical connection information.
  • Selects the best network. The QoE Manager applies a decision algorithm that also factors in contextual information to avoid inefficient connection scenarios. For example, if we can detect that the user is moving, we would avoid switching them to a WiFi network.
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Professional Services

Our team of experts can help deploy and adapt ECS to your needs. Our portfolio covers a full range of services including SDK integration with existing apps, integration with CRM and subscriber databases, app visual design, testing, and everything in between.

Managed Services

Our experts give you an even deeper, real-time understanding of your networks and areas for improvement. Strengthen your NPS, provide a better connectivity experience, and leverage the full potential of your WiFi strategies with our managed services. Our experts will generate analytics and reports and will give insights on how you can improve your network performance. While we can customize services to meet your unique needs, we’ve designed three specific services to help you optimize your network, identify low performance access points, and even monitor roaming WiFi partner networks.

Available as app or SDK

Tailored experience

Seamless authentication over multiple methods: WISPr, SIM-based WISPr, EAP-SIM, EAP-TTLS, and PEAP

Minimum consumption of battery life and memory

Compatible with data encryption and any VPN

Advanced decision-making algorithms based on: real-time network scan, historical performance data, and contextual information

Automatic traffic management between WiFi and cellular networks

Cloud-based Configuration and Policy Server (on premises also supported)

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