Enterprise Control


Manage network access and security, mitigating threats in real time

Both control and visibility are essential for enterprises managing their network infrastructure. Fon’s Enterprise Control Solution gives you the ability to authenticate wireless users and devices to the network, making it simple to control who and what connects to your network at any time.


Our solution grants you the power to enforce appropriate, policy-based access controls over multiple user groups, based on an unparalleled range of choices. And all of this can be done simply, centrally, and affordably. The strength of Fon’s solution is its integrability with any enterprise’s users directory database.


One flexible solution for multiple use cases

Secure access

Authorize varying levels of access to different user groups, based on specifically defined permissions

Fon WiFi solutions digital opportunities

Grant and manage access of employees’ personal devices on enterprise networks

Guest WiFi

Securely meet the connectivity needs of visitors, clients, and contractors in an enterprise environment

The solution

Fon offers a cutting-edge solution for end-to-end network security management. Not only can you control which devices access your networks in real-time, but also the devices’ status.


Additionally, for Integrators or operators managing multiple networks for a variety of enterprises, Fon’s Enterprise Control Solution is multi-tenant, which allows for the simple, central management of an infinite number of networks.


Fully cloud-managed and hardware agnostic platform

Low implementation costs

Fully scalable

Easy policy management

Ready for cloud-based application transitions

Advanced guest access management

Easy and central monitoring and reporting

Improved network visibility and risk reduction

Single console: Centralized management and customization of multiple customer networks

What we provide

Virtual Management Network Access Controller (VMNAC)

Fon’s Virtual Management NAC handles the access of users and their devices, allowing self-onboarding, integration with different user directories and configuring access policies for each group and/or user or device.

Professional services

Fon’s Enterprise Control Solution allows for an easy and centralized control of the network access of users and their devices. If you need support with any tasks, including the configuration of access policies, customization of guest access portals or generation of reports and monitoring, our highly qualified and expert Professional Services Team can give answer to these or any other specific needs.

Enterprise Network Access Solution at a glance
Fon VMNAC architecture graphic

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