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Provide Guest WiFi solutions as a service to Enterprises, Small Businesses, Venues, and Municipalities

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WiFi has become one of the most important amenities at venues. Businesses embracing WiFi benefit from an increase in visitors, a better customer experience, and a boost in sales. Fon’s WiFi as a Service (WaaS) enables you to target this valuable business segment by offering tailored WiFi connectivity and services.


Based on WSMP’s hierarchical structure, WaaS can be offered to various types of enterprises, ranging from a single location venue to large corporations with a central HQ and multiple branches, offering a tailored and customised experience in all cases.


WaaS suits the need not only of different business sizes, but also different verticals (transport, hospitality, education, tourist centres), as well as different monetisation models. Once deployed, WiFi access can be granted to end users in a variety of ways: paid passes, coupons, or free in exchange for user information or watching an advertisement.

Benefits for your customers

Professional Guest WiFi Service from the cloud


Off-the-shelf, ready to use solution.


Compliant with regulatory obligations


Provide a branded WiFi experience


Know your customers through usage statistics


Promote your products and services

Benefits for you

High value customer acquisition (enterprises, SMBs, Municipalities)


Opportunity to capture High valued Sites for WiFi Footprint


Compliant with security and regulatory obligations


Centralised management, and operation


Integrated into your service portfolio


User Story

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My Service Provider has offered me WiFi solution aaS, which is easy-to-use and plug & play

Fon wifi service

… but my expertise is food, not IT. I need a worry-free service

Fon user story

Now, I can: provide a branded WiFi experience, know my customers and promote my products and offerings.

Key features

WaaS offers you flexible and adjustable functionality features providing end-to-end support for the processes and activities related to the service, from service activation and management to customer experience.

Multi-hierarchy support

Multi-tenant architecture for multiple clients across different businesses

Diverse business propositions and monetisation models

Cloud based Portal for central WiFi service management

Portfolio of access privileges tailored to users’ profiles (C.Care, Operations, Marketing, Finance)

Captive portal customisation

Network analytics (traffic and demographics) at all hierarchy levels

Venue promotion in maps


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