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Juniper’s “Mobile Data Offload & Onload: Key Takeaways & Vendor Landscape”

Juniper’s report provides a complete overview of current and future data offload and onload models. Within the report, you’ll find forecasts on market sizing (ARPU, traffic), as well as strategic recommendations and a vendor analysis which features a profile of Fon as an Established Leader.

In-Store Public WiFi: The expectation of WiFi everywhere

Customer expectations for continual access to WiFi are growing and show no signs of slowing down. Businesses that embrace this demand and provide WiFi are able to offer more attractive amenities, generate new sources of revenue, and capture high-value clients.

WiFi’s Undisputed Success

The remarkable adoption of WiFi among users has transformed the communications market which continues to grow and evolve. This increase in traffic over WiFi presents unique opportunities for service providers to offer better services and experience to customers while reducing churn, increasing loyalty, and optimising costs through offloading.

WiFi’s Role in the IoT ecosystem

IoT is on the brink of disrupting the IT market and is predicted to generate enormous revenue within the sector. WiFi is essential for this increase in connected devices, and providers who offer it are poised to turn their infrastructural investments into new sources of revenue.

WiFi Calling: Satisfying always-connected users

Providers are embracing WiFi Calling solutions, allowing them to run voice and text services over WiFi to meet the needs of customers in spotty service areas and abroad. Contrary to initial fears of cannibalisation of traditional access propositions, providers promoting WiFi Calling are winning back what was always theirs and giving customers an always-best-connected experience.

Deployment-ready use case: WiFi On the Go. The perfect complement to your value proposition

Enhance to your value proposition and differentiate your company or brand from competitors by offering customers WiFi access beyond traditional residential limitations. Through Fon’s fully-brandable solutions, customers can connect to any of your hotspots seamlessly, increasing satisfaction and reducing churn.

Deployment-ready use case: WiFi Offload. Meet increasing connectivity demands cost-effectively 

By migrating data traffic from expensive cellular networks to WiFi infrastructure, WiFi Offload implies dramatic savings on infrastructural costs. But cost isn’t the only benefit of offload: you can also enhance the user connectivity experience and provide value-added WiFi services. Fon’s WiFi solutions enable offload, while providing tight integration with the mobile core for full end-to-end service control.

Deployment-ready use case: WiFi Monetization. Capitalize your network beyond your customer base

Open up your WiFi network to non-subscribers or large businesses turning your spare capacity into revenue. Tap into interaction with a previously unreachable part of the market by selling WiFi access to end users who have a prompted connectivity need or to businesses requiring bulk WiFi access – all while strengthening your brand recognition.

Deployment-ready use case: WiFi as a Service. Provide guest WiFi services to high-value segments

Fon’s WiFi as a Service (WaaS) use case helps you deliver guest WiFi services to business segments, resulting in an enhanced value proposition, increased revenues, and interest from a wide-variety of clients. Cloud-based and regulatory compliant, WaaS is easy to configure and offers a hierarchical structure to meet your diverse business needs.

Deployment-ready use case: WiFi Calling. Provide a better connectivity experience

Run voice and messaging services over WiFi to assure an always-best-connected experience for your customers, even if they are located in spotty coverage areas or abroad. With Fon’s WiFi Calling, your customers will be able to make and receive calls and texts regardless of the available 3G/4G coverage without resorting to OTT apps outside of your control.

MWC 2017: Fon’s highlights

This year’s edition of Mobile World Congress certainly did not disappoint! An action-packed 4 days for everyone involved, Fon had a busy agenda filled with meetings, a keynote presentation, as well as interviews about our cutting-edge WiFi Service Management Platform.