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Fon’s Connection manager: A flawless user experience

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Fon’s connection Manager allows you to offer the best customer experience, by enabling end-user’s smartphones, or other devices, for seamless and automatic access to the WiFi network. It consists of an application (iOS and Android) on the user device and a remote configuration server for device provisioning.

It is also designed to give the user information on the status of the connection, and to show hotspots in map view.

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What can users do with

Fon’s Connection Manager?

Connect to the network:

The app is capable of connecting automatically to the hotspots in range. Users will only have to download the app and introduce their credentials once. The app takes full control of all configurations required to provide connectivity, without further user interaction. Fon’s connectivity App also integrates social media access (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+), allowing customers to share their WiFi experience.

Locate Hotspots:

Users can easily locate your WiFi hotspots thanks to the App’s maps feature. Users can even set notifications based on hotspot proximity to their location.

Check their connection status.

Our Connection Manager gives the user information on the status of the device’s connection and measures its quality of service. Users can perform a speed test and check usage statistics.

Customise settings:

Our Connection Manager App features self-care functionalities so that users can access their profile, change specific settings on their account, and customise notifications.

Fon’s Connection Manager. Tailored to our client’s needs


Fon’s Connection Manager Application can be branded to your requirements, or it can be incorporated into your existing apps using our SDK.


Tailor the App to deliver the experience you desire. Custom user interface (UI) components are used to ensure style and layout consistency across various platform versions, manufacturers, screen sizes, and densities. These customisable components include brand and layout design, languages, App logo, name, and social login.

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