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WiFi experts that will help you design, deploy and optimise your WiFi networks

Take advantage of the full potential of your WiFi products with the support of our Professional Services Team through all stages of WiFi service delivery. Our team has over a decade of experience in deploying carrier-grade WiFi solutions. We have proudly assisted a variety of customers, including telecommunication service providers to WISP to integrators, to deploy and integrate Carrier WiFi solutions in 5 continents.

Our portfolio of services includes:

Deployment and Integration: Tailored integration and configuration of WSMP for your business needs

We understand that most WiFi deployments are different in nature, and we are experts in tailoring them to maximise their full potential. We specialise in integrating our world-class WiFi service management platform into any existing infrastructure, network, and BSS/OSS, ensuring the delivery of a personalised service for each customer.

  • Solution Design, guaranteeing optimal architectural design integration
  • Specific Customisation, to tailor user interfaces (captive portal and app) to the desired user experience and branding, based on standard mock-ups
  • Configuration and Integration, leaving systems ready for e2e testing
  • System internal testing,
  • Customer Acceptance testing
  • Operations setup, transferring knowledge and procedures to the responsible operational teams

Installation on site

Fon’s solution is more cost effective when delivered from the cloud as SaaS, however, we can deploy a dedicated instance of WSMP to one of your data centres if required. Our experts will provide the requirements and installation designs as well as install and configure the platform in your facilities.

fon installation
fon cpe certification

CPE Certification: The Best WiFi services with your existing CPE footprint

Our solution is adaptable to your existing CPE footprint. We provide CPE certification professional services to certify your vendors’ implementations and ensure proper operation of your WiFi solution.

Fon WiFi solutions Training: Empowerment through a high quality training program

We offer a training program for your personnel to gain in-depth knowledge of WSMP and CPE management. These training sessions are fully customised to your needs, and can be hosted at Fon offices or on-site.

Technical Consulting: The technical expertise you need

Fon provides technical support and expertise with a team of dedicated engineers for specific tasks such as Radius Integration, CPE Firmware validation, Captive Portal Customisation, System API integration, Mobile App integration, and testing.

Business Consulting: Experienced experts in WiFi strategy

We have deployed countless WiFi solutions for leading service providers, making us the best team to analyse your unique business scenario and provide insight on how you can best offer WiFi services in your market. We offer optimisation strategies and propose specific actions to implement changes, all driven by service and network performance analytics and competitor benchmarking.

Our solutions have helped some of the world’s top service providers

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