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Provide your customers with seamless WiFi access on the go, so they can stay connected when they are out and about

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Traditional WiFi connectivity is limited to the customer’s home. When on the move, customers depend on their mobile data plan or on unsecure public WiFi for connectivity. WiFi On The Go allows you to offer your own WiFi connectivity outside the home to your customers, granting a seamless and always-best-connected experience.


Fon’s WiFi On the Go service allows convergent telco operators to complement their access propositions and take full control of customer activity everywhere. For fixed operators, it becomes an unmatched tool to extend their services outside the home, and trigger convergence, reducing the gap with mobile players.

Benefits for your customers

Extension of cellular coverage with WiFi footprint


Cheaper Data plans compared to Cellular


Flexibility to use WiFi or Cellular at own convenience


Seamless and always-best-connected experience for all devices everywhere

Benefits for you

ARPU increase

Multiple monetisation models apply: WiFi On the Go can be offered to your customers as:

  • A fee on top of customer’s current plan
  • Additional benefit for up-selling to a higher value package


Minimise cellular costs by Offloading to fixed infrastructure. WiFi represents between 4-10 times lower costs in data generation


Increased engagement and use


Avoid 3rd party interaction: Instead of using competitor’s network, customers will use yours.


Client satisfaction


Churn reduction


Brand awareness: SSID is a good way to create awareness for the telco and show potential customers that the telco is available

User Story

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I used to fall short of cellular data

fon wifi public

At home I connected to my broadband to save on my data plan. But outside the home I used to connect to Public WiFi  which was often slow and cumbersome

fon wifi service

Since I have WiFi On the Go I enjoy unlimited connectivity when I am out and about

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I don’t have to worry anymore about low speeds, and extra charges on my bill

Key features

Additional WiFi SSID for user connectivity on the go. EAP (SIM, TTLS, TLS, AKA) also supported with one more additional SSID if requested.

Customer segmentation and access policies assignment.

- Two access variants supported: Always authorized or limited access.

- Possibility to determine the number of devices per customer.

- Possibility to determine the WiFi networks (residential, public, etc..) where customer has the right to connect.

Online registration and password recovery flows enable subscribers’ to self-provision while a web self-care zone allows them to edit several aspects of their profile.


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