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WiFi at its full potential

Shape V2

Built to meet the demands of wireless internet service providers (WISPs) and integrators, our cloud-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) Solution enables you to deploy and configure your own WiFi network and services with an efficient, centrally managed approach. One consistent unique solution built to meet the demands of different business verticals.

The opportunity

Shape V2

From our experience, WISPs and integrators have traditionally developed ad hoc WiFi solutions for their customers. These solutions have proven to be effective in the past, but in an increasingly complex and competitive market MSPs must go for a more efficient approach. MSPs have the opportunity of minimising risks and avoiding the usual issues related to ad hoc solutions:

Without Fon’s MSP solution

Ad hoc solution for each project

High maintenance and operational costs

Complicated or non-existent upgrading cycles

Fragmented management

Little scalability and flexibility

With Fon’s MSP solution

Integrated and centralised solution for all projects

Optimised maintenance and operational costs

Fast response time

Centralised management

High scalability: Pay as you grow

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The solution

Shape V2

Our Managed Service Provider WiFi solution is a combination of products and professional services that enables the deployment, configuration, and management of WiFi hotspot networks. From access control to user experience definition and technical configurations, our MSP solution covers every aspect of WiFi network management.


Use this solution to offer Guest WiFi services to your end customers, grant WiFi access under different business models, and wholesale your WiFi connectivity.

Key features

With this integrated and efficient approach, you will be able to:

Reduce opex

Simplify maintenance and operation

Tailor services for a myriad of business verticals

Achieve a worry-free infrastructural integration

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The ultimate WiFi experience

Shape V2

We provide cutting-edge technology and the expertise for end-to-end management of WiFi based services. Our goal is for you to offer the ultimate WiFi experience to a varied range of verticals like hospitality, education, and healthcare, while driving away all complexity in management, design, customization, and operation while minimizing risks.

What we provide



A portfolio designed to cover every aspect of your WiFi deployment

WiFi Service Management Platform (WSMP)

A cloud-based, hierarchical platform for the management of WiFi services in hotspot networks.

Connection Manager

An application on the user device for seamless and automatic access to the WiFi hotspots.

CPE Software

Receive all of the software they need to include Fon’s hotspot functionality in their existing CPEs and transform your CPE footprint into a WiFi network.

Team of experts:

Trained to minimise risks, provide a flawless integration, and help you make the most of your WiFi network

Professional Services

Our team of experts will assist you in all aspects of deploying WiFi infrastructure and services: selecting the suitable topology and deployment scenario, designing the integration with your systems, and choosing the most adequate services for end customers and monetisation strategies, among many other aspects.

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